Enterprise-grade Blockchain Identity Software

Vida is the first full-stack blockchain identity app


Vida marries traditional public key infrastructure with blockchain technology by using the blockchain as a distributed key server. Vida's blockchain foundation enables a secure process of key revocation and reissuance. The result is a best-in-class mechanism of enterprise security that was not possible prior to the emergence of the blockchain.


One identity across numerous applications, seamless permissioned access to data and services. Streamlined user interface. No passwords to memorize. Effortless!


Public key infrastructure is far more secure and robust than the status quo of relying upon shared secrets (i.e., usernames and passwords). With Vida, enterprises no longer need to store Personal Identifying Information (PII). Security is no longer reliant on email. The Vida platform adds an additional layer of security by leveraging a unique three-party authentication methodology to eliminate the potential for man-in-the-middle attacks.

For Enterprise

Vida enables file fingerprinting and time-stamping, authentication, credential storage and verification, document signing and e-mail verification (e.g., prevent anti-phishing).

Using the blockchain decentralizes risk on the enterprise. Instead of keeping passwords on a central server, keep public keys and identifiers on the blockchain. There is no central server to hack. Vida eliminates centralized liability and provides resilient server / corporate security.

For Consumers

Vida makes self-sovereign identity real. Users have full control over establishment, usage and protection of PII across platforms and applications.

For Developers

Libraries coming soon!

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